(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
v. scurry, hasten, travel, abscond; ply, flow; liquefy; act, function, extend, complete, pass into, continue, elapse; operate, work; ravel; thrust, compete; smuggle; informal, streak. See motion, velocity, illegality. —n. swift pace, race; trip, current, flow; tendency; sequence, course, progress; demand; yard; brook, rill. See progression, water.
(Roget's IV) n.
1. [The act of running]
Syn. sprint, dash, jog, race, pace, bound, trot, gallop, canter, lope, spring, dart, rush, flight, escape, break, charge, swoop, scamper, tear, whisk, scuttle, scud, flow, fall, drop.
2. [A series]
Syn. continuity, succession, sequence, spell; see period 1 , series .
3. [In baseball, a score]
Syn. point, tally, count; see home run , score 1 .
4. [The average]
Syn. par, norm, run of the mill; see average .
5. [A course]
Syn. way, route, field; see route 1 , track 1 .
in the long run,
Syn. in the final outcome, finally, eventually; see ultimately .
on the run,
6. busy, in a hurry, running; see hurrying .
7. retreating, routed, escaping, on the lam*; see beaten 1 , runaway .
1. [To move, usually rapidly]
Syn. flow, stream, pour, cut along, chase along, fall, roll, course, tumble, drop, leap, spin, whirl, whiz, scud, sail.
2. [To go swiftly by physical effort]
Syn. rush, hurry, race, dash, dart, bolt, shoot, tear, bound, scurry, skitter, scramble, scoot, travel, run off, run away, flee, escape, put on a burst of speed, go on the double, hasten, hasten off, light out, make tracks, dart ahead, gallop, canter, lope, jog, spring, trot, single-foot, amble, pace, speed, sprint, spurt, swoop, whisk, scamper, scuttle; see also race 1 .
3. [To function]
Syn. move, work, go; see operate 2 .
4. [To cause to function]
Syn. control, drive, govern, administer; see command 2 , manage 1 .
5. [To extend]
Syn. encompass, cover, spread; see reach 1 , surround 1 , 2 .
6. [To continue]
Syn. last, persevere, go on; see continue 1 .
7. [To read]
Syn. be worded, be written, appear; see mean 1 .
8. [To compete]
Syn. oppose, contest, contend with; see compete , race 2 .
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus)
1. sprint race, footrace, jog, dash, rush, clip, burst of speed, flight, bound, trot, gallop.
2. trip, especiallyonetakenregularly journey, route, tour, round, spin, excursion, circuit.
3. period course, spell, span, interval, stretch, term.
4. course progression, passage, flow.
1. sprint race, jog, dash, rush, bound, *beat feet, *clip, bolt, *hotfoot it, scurry, scramble, hustle, trot, gallop.
2. flee *skedaddle, *make tracks, escape, *beat it, *blow, take flight.
3. associate with consort, *hang out with.
4. go, move freely flow, roll, spill, discharge, gush, stream, surge, cascade.
5. operate drive, control, work, maneuver, propel, direct, pilot.
6. campaign for office *throw one's hat in the ring.
7. supervise direct, manage, administer, control, head, boss, oversee, regulate, conduct, operate, *be in the driver's seat.
8. last continue, elapse.
(Roget's Thesaurus II) I verb 1. To move swiftly on foot so that both feet leave the ground during each stride: scamper, scurry, sprint. See MOVE. 2. To move swiftly: bolt, bucket, bustle, dart, dash, festinate, flash, fleet, flit, fly, haste, hasten, hurry, hustle, pelt2, race, rocket, rush, sail, scoot, scour2, shoot, speed, sprint, tear1, trot, whirl, whisk, whiz, wing, zip, zoom. Informal: hotfoot, rip. Slang: barrel, highball. Chiefly British: nip1. Idioms: get a move on, get cracking, go like lightning, go like the wind, hotfoot it, make haste, make time, make tracks, run like the wind, shake a leg, step (or jump) on it. See MOVE. 3. To leave hastily: bolt, get out. Informal: clear out, get, hotfoot, skedaddle. Slang: hightail, scram, vamoose. Idioms: beat it, hightail it, hotfoot it, make tracks. See APPROACH. 4. To move or proceed away from a place. Also used with along: depart, exit, get away, get off, go, go away, leave1, pull out, quit, retire, withdraw. Informal: cut out, push off, shove off. Slang: blow1, split, take off. Idioms: hit the road, take leave. See APPROACH. 5. To be with as a companion. Also used with around: associate, consort, fraternize, hang around, hobnob, troop. Slang: hang out. Idiom: rub elbows (or shoulders). See NEAR. 6. To look to when in need: apply, go, refer, repair2, resort, turn. Idioms: fall back on (or upon), have recourse to. See USED. 7. To complete a race or competition in a specified position: come in, finish, place. See BE. 8. To move freely as a liquid: circulate, course, flow, stream. See MOVE. 9. To come forth or emit in abundance: flow, gush, pour, rush, stream, surge, well1. See MOVE. 10. To change from a solid to a liquid: deliquesce, dissolve, flux, fuse, liquefy, melt, thaw. See SOLID. 11. To proceed on a certain course or for a certain distance: carry, extend, go, lead, reach, stretch. See REACH. 12. To change or fluctuate within limits: extend, go, range, vary. See CHANGE. 13. To be performed: play, show. See PERFORMING ARTS. 14. To urge to move along: drive, herd. See MOVE. 15. To look for and pursue (game) in order to capture or kill it: chase, drive, hunt, stalk. See SEEK. 16. To perform a function effectively: function, go, operate, take, work. See THRIVE. 17. To set or keep going: actuate, drive, impel, mobilize, move, propel. See MOVE. 18. To control or direct the functioning of: manage, operate, use, work. See CONTROL. 19. To import or export secretly and illegally: bootleg, smuggle. Idiom: run contraband. See CRIMES, MOVE. 20. To separate or pull apart by force: rend, rip, rive, split, tear1. See ASSEMBLE, HELP. 21. To cause to penetrate with force: dig, drive, plunge, ram, sink, stab, stick, thrust. See PUT IN. 22. To control the course of (an activity): carry on, conduct, direct, manage, operate, steer. See OVER. 23. To have charge of (the affairs of others): administer, administrate, direct, govern, head, manage, superintend, supervise. See OVER. II noun 1. A trip in a motor vehicle: drive, ride. Informal: spin, whirl. See MOVE. 2. Chiefly Regional. A small stream: brook1, creek. Chiefly Regional: branch, kill2. See DRY. 3. A hole made by tearing: rent2, rip, tear1. See HELP. 4. A number of things placed or occurring one after the other: chain, consecution, course, order, procession, progression, round, sequence, series, string, succession, suite, train. Informal: streak. See ORDER.

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